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Yatala Pie Shoppe - just south of Brisbane

The original Yatala Pie Shoppe was a landmark for many visitors and locals on a trip from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, or return. The old building with its original wood ovens had quite a history. But progress intervened and the extension of the Gold Coast Motorway, to four lanes each way, has been fantastic for the vehicular travelling public but no good for the pie shop. The old shop lost its access to the highway.

So the old owners decided it was time to take advantage of retirement and sold the business. The current proprietors purchased land about ½ kilometre south on the same side of the highway and built a very posh new building, complete with beautiful stained glass windows of Australian flora and fauna.

Outside dining is excellent with lots of choices in busy times
Motorhomes and caravans are best parked outside

The original ovens are all that remain from the previous premises. You still have the drive through facility, the on site picnic tables with a view of the highway and a choice of savoury or sweet pies. Soft drinks, chips, desserts, mushy peas and potatoes have been more recent additions (compared to my recollections of the original pie shop when we first discovered it in the early 1970’s).

The original pie shop down by the river

Yatala was the mail and business centre for the immediate area. These days the area is mainly industrial with the sugar cane farmers mainly on the eastern side of the highway around Jacob’s Well and Norwell.

Pies are super generous!
These are the original ovens from the old premises

Watch out if using the drive-thru as the clearance is only 2.5 metres. The parking area is quite large, but the long vehicle area (on the left as you enter) is usually occupied by normal cars in busy times. We always park out the front on the street as shown in one of the pictures, as it is very easy to do a U turn in front of the bus depot. Fairly level for your fridge as well!

Make no mistake this is possibly the biggest pie shop in Australia
The garden surroundings are delightful

The Yatala North turnoff is the one to take off the Motorway, just in case you don’t know. Rather oddly MacDonalds etc. all get advertised on the freeway signs, but the Queensland/Australian icon Yatala Pies don't get a mention! Sunday afternoons, especially in summer, are always busy at the Yatala Pie Shop - watch out for the tall Pie in the Sky. Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace



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