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Selectronic 240 Volt Inverters


There is a lot going for buying an inverter made in Australia with a 2 year guarantee as well. The Selectronic range starts with a 200 watt model. This is adequate for running a juicer, stab mixer, laptop and most equipment chargers such as phones or cameras etc. It is a full pure sine wave model, which means that the electricity is generally cleaner than your 240 volt at home, with far less variation and virtually spike free. Another huge plus for motorhome use is it's double isolated. This means that in the event of complete melt down, 240 volt can't momentarily leak back into your 12 volt system. Be aware that all inverters aren't built this way! Don't get confused with "double insulated" as this is not the same thing. It is also called "electrically isolated" as well. We liked the clean lines of this inverter and the sensible warning lights covering over and under voltage and inverter running. You don't get a 240 switch on the 200 watt model, but the 12 volt DC switch does a similar job. It's worth remembering with all inverters to let them turn on and settle down before applying a load. In the case of this unit about 5 seconds. We never start with the load applied. This is particularly important with computers. The all important start wattage is very good at plus 300 with the 200 watt model.


The Selectronic Website is really good and you can download complete brochures in PDF format. After sales support is fantastic with emails being answered in under 24 hours. These inverters work well with RCD safety switches and Selectronic have written a paper just on this important subject. It must be remembered in motorhomes that as there is no actual earth physically connected to ground that if a fault developes you DON'T want it going through the frame of the vehicle. It is highly advisable to use the Selectronic in the way it was intended. That is by NOT plugging it into your existing 240 volt system. Collyn Rivers covers inverters extensively in most of his books - well worth a read! What you pay for in top quality inverters such as this one is the ability to start equipment at a much higher rating. The LD200 will give you an amazing surge rating of a massive 600 watts and a 30 minute overload of 250 watts!The Selectronic site is one of the most informative on the Internet.

UPDATE August 2003

We are using a very simple method to remotely control this model. Simply extend the two wires on the 12 volt switch, installing a new remote switch and totally bypassing the existing switch. We extended ours 3 metres with absolutely zero troubles. This is our third one modified and it works really well.


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