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Green Point - North Western Tasmania Fantastic Free Camping

On the far western side of Tasmania heading towards the Arthur River, we decided to follow a little dirt track out to see where it led. We found a magic spot overlooking Ann Bay, with a long sandy beach - Green Beach. The road in is bitumen most of the way and winds down from the spectacular Ann Bay lookout to the seashore. On arrival at the end of the track, we found, to our surprise, three other motorhomes parked on the grassy area, but no occupants in sight. We parked in between the bollards, went wandering towards the seashore and discovered our motorhome mates were being good guys and walking on the beach.


Heading north there is a long length of sand, absolutely ideal for walking. The beach was quite a pristine environment with the usual seaweed and shells washed ashore. Unfortunately we also found a few dead baby penguins and the occasional mutton bird. Of course, the rule of nature is the survival of the fittest, but it still makes you realise how vulnerable these little feathered creatures are.


Earlier in the day, we had encountered intensive rainy periods, but the sun came out and the clouds parted, ensuring a perfect late afternoon’s weather. Cattle were behind the fence just behind the sand dunes and watched with interest as we meandered nearby. A very large eagle swooped around and eventually down into the grasslands, probably watching for a feed.


Two springs ran from the sand dunes towards the sea, creating some very interesting patterns in the sand. River rocks had been placed over the inlets to prevent erosion and the small lagoons created made a perfect bathing pool for the seagulls. In usual fashion, my walk was probably not that aerobic, as I continually stopped and took many photos, but that can be justified if your walk takes nearly an hour, I told myself.


By the time we got back to the motorhome, our other CMCA mates had already started happy hour – by then it was already after 4 PM. There was a hire vehicle parked nearby, so in typical CMCA fashion we invited the people to join us. They declined, saying they didn’t have any chairs, but since when does that stop CMCA members. A couple of extras chairs were pulled from hatches and soon our new Dutch friends were enjoying our afternoon institution.


They marveled about their travels so far (only two out of the planned eight weeks) and sought advice and information, which we readily imparted. Happy hour was the usual mixture of talk, laughter and stories and only the fall of the sun and the oncoming coolness of night caused us to call our little circle quits and return to the warmth of our motorhomes.


The next morning in normal CMCA manner, we started out to leave by about 8 am, but didn’t actually get away until well after 9 am. It takes a long while to work out who is going where and where we would catch up again. Some were returning east, others heading down towards Arthur River. The fine weather of the previous afternoon had gone and the clouds and rain were back with a vengeance – but that didn’t matter, there were other areas to explore and that’s what motorhoming is all about.

Absolutely recommended!

Chrissy Eustace

Hema 54 C 1


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