This page will enable you to go straight to the latest and additional information, on featured stories we have contributed to in the Motorhome Guide Magazine. As new information comes to hand, such as price changes etc. this will also be listed as an Update. Please note that the actual stories are not published here. The idea for this page is to positively eliminate the chance of typos to printed links and it will be updated after the release of each edition. After following any link just use your back button to return to this page.

Satellite TV for Beginners - March/April 2006 Page 88
In part one of our technical series we reveal the basics of putting together a satellite system and what you can actually watch - Click here

Mylstrom - Jan/Feb 2006 Page 60
The Village That Time Forgot - Click here.

More Bright Ideas - Jan/Feb Page 72
Motorhomers would have to be one of the most innovative groups in the world! It is truly fascinating to see the myriad of ideas available at motorhome rallies. The collection shown here is some of the best entries presented at the CMCA Maryborough Rally in September 2005.
Shower/Toilet/Wardrobe Combination in a Whizz Bang - Click here.
Boltless Quick Hitch Bike Winch - Click here.
Automatic Double Sided Solar Panel - Click here.
Inside Access to an On Roof Sundeck - Click here.
Low Cost Award - Easy Chair/Footstool Storage - Click here.
Swingaway Easy Load Bicycle Rack - Click here.
Gas Bottle Cooker With Foot Warmer - Click here.
Roll Up Clear Windows for Pop Tops - Click here.
Internal Shower in Pop Top - Click here.
Better Cooling With a Spare on the Front - Click here.
Computer Work Desk for Coasters - Click here.
Wind and Rain Excluder for Whizz Bangs - Click here.
Fold Out Table on a Bin Door - Click here.

Crystal Clear - Jan/Feb Page 78
A few ideas on installing satellite in a carvan or 5th wheeler.
SATELLITE TV REFLECTORS - by John Dadd Victorian Bushwackers Chapter. Click here. The dish shown works well along the East Coast, however it has troubles as you move away from the coast.
EASY WAYS TO SET UP SATELLITE DISHES - Photographed at the Casino Village Resort for several working ideas. Click here.
OYSTER SELF SEEKING SATELLITE DISH - Super Cool! Info on installing on a 5th wheeler. Click here.
CAMPERSAT SATELLITE TV DISHES - photos of working installations. Click here.
GECKOSAT - Do-It-Yourself Satellite TV System. Click here.

Hearts of Oak - Jan/Feb Page 92
This is a review of a beautifull piece of work on a LWB Coaster conversion done by Liz and Kel Johnstone. Lots of very clever storage ideas. Click here.

Cold Fusion - Jan/Feb Page 94
This is a review of an excellent 8 metre Fuso conversion done by Victorian Motorhome Conversions for Bob and Anne Caddow. Click here.

Aussie Drifter - Nov/Dec 2005 page 84
This is a review of the latest offering from long time manufacturer Dennings made especially for Alan and Robyn Tesch and it is a truly spectacular piece of machinery. The paint job is absolutely stunning and is a real head turner. Almost 100 photos are on these pages as there are just so many ground breaking ideas in this story. Click here.

Australian All Over - Nov/Dec 2005 page 43

SUPERB GAS BOTTLE HOLDING SYSTEM - Click here - a unique solution that gives wonderful gas bottle security against damage.
LEGAL LOCKABLE GAS COMPARTMENT - Click here - the gas regulations prohibit the locking of the door on external gas compartments. Here's a novel wsay around this
THE EASY WAY TO CHANGE A FLAT TYRE! - click here - The photos on this page shows the Dryden Trailer Home with the wheels completely off the ground on one side.
FANTASTIC HIDE-AWAY IRONING BOARD - click here - One of the best ironing board set-ups we have ever come across and it all fold away to look just like a normal draw.
EXTREMELY CLEVER CORNER DRAW FROM DRYDENS - click here - this extremely clever idea solves the problem of accessing the waste space found in most RV corners.
FITTING A 3i HONDA INTO A FIFTH WHEELER BIN - click here - this is the first Dryden we have come across with a Honda. We liked the very neat, simple to make slide out.
STAN & MAREE BENNETT'S 33' DRYDEN TRAILER HOME - click here - well what a fantastic RV this one is! We were totally gob smacked. The fit out is just superb and of a world standard. Huge review with lots of quality pictures.

Freedom to Roam - Nov/Dec 2005 page 81

- click here - this is a review of what, in our humble opinion for what that's worth, is simply the best coach conversion motorhome in Australia. We could qualify that further in that it is easily the best motorhome we have ever seen regardless of cost! Huge review with lots of quality pictures.

Email on the Road - Sept/Oct 2005 page 60

VODAFONE - Click here for more information on using the Vodafone GPRS system with a laptop,
SIERRA AIRCARD - Click here for more information on using the Sierra 580 Aircard CDMA 1X and EVDO system with a laptop
MINIMAX - Click here for more information on using the Minimax USB modem CDMA 1X and EVDO system with a laptop.
GENERAL OVERVIEW - Click here for more information on all the methods currently available for using Email on the Road.
CASINO VILLAGE - Click here for more information on how all parks will operate in the future - it's already happening overseas.
WIRELESS HOTSPOTS - Click here for more information on how to find wireless hotspots and what it costs and how to find listings.


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