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GME Dome Type TV Aerial AE2000

This is not the first antenna from this well respected manufacturer of radio. Rather oddly we have never seen one reviewed in any RV mag. Marine and land mobile installations present a challenge to normal TV antenna design particularly for those whose favourite channel is 2. TV antennas are very directional and give the best reception when aimed directly towards the transmitter site. This can easily be achieved when mounted on a fixed site like a house. The AE2000 is designed to be non-directional by using a unique three element broadband clover leaf antenna and will continue to give good reception regardless of any movement. A digital ready 20 dB gain low noise amplifier gives the best possible reception of weak signals across all the television and FM radio bands. Housed inside a weatherproof UV stabilised radome the amplifier is protected against damage from static, power surge and reverse polarity.

The AE2000 is supplied complete with mounting hardware, cables and connectors. It is ideal for boats, caravans, recreational vehicles and mobile homes. An optional splitter allows the AE2000 to feed both a TV and a radio simultaneously. The diagram below shows all the critical dimensions. No provision is made for raising and lowering for use with a motorhome. The good news is the RRP is $245.00 making is competive with The Dome and way ahead of Winegard.



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